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We know family breakdown and divorce is a stressful time for everyone involved. Using mediation and an expert mediator is a highly effective way of reaching agreement in difficult circumstances. The mediation process allows people to resolve conflict and agree on a way forward.

During mediation, the mediator will help establish good communication so everyone can clearly express their needs. Then the mediator will apply creative problem solving to help everyone reach an agreement.

Using this process, families will have the opportunity to:

Make their own decisions

Reduce the financial and emotional costs of legal proceedings

Move forward and make a new life

Improve communication and be able to resolve disputes in the future

The family law act requires parties to make a genuine effort to resolve disputes through family dispute resolution before applying to the courts. Using mediation can help resolve any disagreements and make arrangements for the future without the need to go to court.

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The mediation process

At Family Law Services Online we are able to offer face-to-face (subject to COVID-19 restrictions), online or telephone mediations in both parenting and property matters.

When you’re ready to proceed with mediation, get in touch with us to request a family dispute resolution be convened. We will send you our mediation agreement for you to sign.

We will then send an invitation to the other party and organise initial interviews. The final step is the mediation, where ideally everyone will reach agreement.

Where agreement cannot be reached, we will issue a section 60I certificate which is required before an application for a parenting order can be made to the court. This requirement applies even if you have pre-existing orders in relation to the child that is the subject of the current application. In certain circumstances, the court may grant you an exemption from the requirement to file a certificate.

What to expect during mediation

If the other person is not expecting a request to participate in mediation, it may take time to organise. There may need to be conversations, time to think, read and assess the invitation.  It’s important to be patient during this time.

If you are keen for mediation to occur sooner rather than later, the best thing you can do is:

Start to talk to the other person about mediation

Offer to pay for the mediation yourself

Communicate with the other person about how mediation will benefit them as well as you

During mediation, it’s important to be prepared so that you can explain things clearly and positively. Although it can be difficult, it’s also important to try and stay calm, and try to be understanding of the other person. Positive communication will be achieved through listening and asking questions as your mediator helps you to reach an agreement.

Meet your mediator

Lorrie Brook has years of experience as a family lawyer in Brisbane. She has represented children as an Independent Children’s Lawyer in family law matters and as a Separate Representative in child protection proceedings.

It is Lorrie’s mission to inspire over 1 million parents to put aside their differences to co-parent for the benefit of their children.

Throughout her career, Lorrie has practiced across family law, domestic violence and child protection matters. She has seen the impact that family conflict has on children, and how hard it is that children don’t have a voice in what happens in their lives.

In 2012 Lorrie founded a popular communication website for separated parents called ‘Our Children Australia’, designed to help separated parents improve their communication and alleviate the need for children to be used as messengers between the parents.

More recently Lorrie has been involved in co-founding an online Parenting Orders Program called ‘Separated Parents Orders Training’. The program helps separated parents learn the skills necessary to move past a romantic and personal relationship to that of co-parents.

Lorrie is passionate about making the separation process easier for couples, families, children and all concerned. As a parent herself, Lorrie has a strong focus on children and a desire to reduce conflict that impacts on children during and post separation.

  • Lorrie's ability to break down communication into an easy to understand process has given me great comfort in communicating with my ex.


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